Extreme Endurance


Omer Count: Day 25

netzach shebbe netzach

endurance within endurance

At times in our lives, we are challenged by the need to be persistent in an especially important endeavor. Whatever that endeavor may be, our inner strength is crucial to success. This required endurance may even be long term, going for weeks, months or years. Yet, beyond our own reservoir of strength, we can also draw from an Unlimited Source. When we cast our burdens on Him, then He will help us to endure (Psalm 55:23).

humility of harmony


hod shebbe tiferes

humility within harmony

Humility may serve to temper a false sense of harmony within, by compelling a soul to recognise that any sense of inner peace is often fragile, especially if that peace is not drawn from a higher source. Are we willing to admit to ourselves, that we are dependent on many circumstances, needs, and expectations to maintain our peace? To think otherwise is to lack honesty with ourselves, for the only way to transcend the requirements that we set for ourselves to bring us peace, a fragile peace, is to turn to G-d for our strength.